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Besides building brand image and reputation, each of the sponsoring States will derive long-lasting value for money by showcasing their assets and achievements to the world at large. The individual State governments will be encouraged to use the film as effective vehicle to lure foreign investors and tourists through the publicity generated by disseminating information about their social and industrial development.

Sponsorship Proposal

My Country India Time Capsule, a docu-feature dedicated to promote all States and Union Territories in India with each segment having a duration of two to two and a half hours. There will also be two segments each of about two to two and a half hours on India: one documenting the country's history from Indus Valley to modern times and the other showcasing the progress of the country as a destination for investments in industry with a view to tapping the untapped potential.

Major Benefit
Besides building brand image and reputation, each of the sponsoring Central Government Departments and State Governments, Corporate Houses and Non - Government Organizations can derive long-lasting value for money by showcasing their assets and achievements to the world at large. The individual State Governments can use it (film) as an effective vehicle to lure foreign investors and tourists through the publicity generated by disseminating information about their social and industrial development.

The mega project costing over Rs.150-crore is conceived as an interesting fusion of different film techniques containing dramatized re-enactments of actual historical facts and events juxtaposed with contemporary scenes. The docu-feature (with a total run-time of over 65 hours) combines the elements of a documentary such as stills and archives with those of a dramatized play (as in docudrama).

It encapsulates the socio-cultural glory of India from the Indus Valley Civilization to the present times by covering major milestones achieved by India and all the States in the country (since their formation).

The narrative script, to be finalized by a team of experts drawn from different fields, is expected to provide for a high degree of quality in terms of information, depth and profundity. Several experts will be involved in the venture to ensure that it meets international standards in terms of technical and production values.

Innovative filming techniques, narrative story-telling and exceptional cinematography will combine to create a docu-feature that is going to be an absorbing audio-visual experience. The film will be marketed in India as well as abroad.

Achievements made in all walks of life by each of the individual Indian States will be in segments of approximately two to two and a half hours. All the segments together will showcase the industrial and economic progress achieved by India over the decades, particularly during post-Independence.

The objective of the film is not only to nurture the spirit of social harmony and Indian nationhood among citizens, particularly the younger generation, but also to promote India as a whole as a destination for tourism, investment and economic prosperity. The main focus will be on the nation's cultural heritage, its social and industrial development and its race to become the global economic super power.

The docu-feature would be structured in such a way that it would have separate Statewise segments each of which will showcase its achievements since their formation.

The extensively researched film is going to be part-funded through sponsorships from the State and Central Governments as well as Corporate Houses and NGOs. The State governments and Union Territories will be actively encouraged through sponsorships to utilize this venture as an opportunity to promote themselves as investment destinations.

Time Frame
Multiple production units with professionals and technicians well-known in their respective fields will be working simultaneously across all the Indian States to complete the multi-segmented film in two years from its launch.

Content inputs are being invited from academicians, historians and research organizations to make the mega venture a well-presented docu-feature. Authentic information is sourced from departments of tourism, education, rural development, urban development, minorities, industries, tribal welfare, women and child welfare and agriculture, among others of different State Governments and Union Territories. Glimpses of the centuries-old traditions and characteristics of Indian architecture spread in different States will be featured. Colorful dances for various religious festivals and other social events representing crafts, cultures, traditions and ancient heritage in different regions in the country will form part of the narrative along with rendering of classical (Carnatic and Hindustani) music.

Brief performances by nationally-known musicians and the dancers (representing the eight styles of Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam, Manipuri, Sattriya and Kathakali) along with those of lesser-known folk dances seen during festivals will be included.

Scripts for different segments will be finalized after getting necessary official approvals from individual State Governments concerned.

The entire production is managed and coordinated by adwinfilm (Jai Ads and Promotions Pvt.Ltd.) headed by award-winning film producer-director Geetha Krishna A. S. The production house offers a full range of corporate film production and advertising film services from concept to completion. The company operates from its studios in Hyderabad, Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Singapore.

Exceptionally talented creative professionals and highly skilled technicians form part of the production and post-production teams of adwinfilm.The production house always strives to exceed expectations of clients and business associates in India and abroad. The company has creative and technical teams consisting of award-winning cinematographers, scriptwriters, video editors and computer graphics and animation experts specializing in a variety of cinematic styles. The production team using the state-of-the-art technology equipment also has professionals with expertise in aerial filming using helicopters and planes.

While the company produces a wide range of films such as ad commercials, infomercials, corporate films, documentaries, short films, awareness films, music videos and biographical films, it is very flexible and ready to adapt to specific and customized needs of clients. The company's brand-building professionals develop creative concepts and innovative brand strategies and implement brand awareness campaigns for governments and organizations producing the best results for its clients.

Website: www.indiatimecapsule.com
Website: www.adwinfilm.com

Sponsorship fees
There are five categories of sponsorship:

  1. DIAMOND (Rs 7 crores)
  2. PLATINUM (Rs 6 crore)
  3. GOLD (Rs 5 crore)
  4. SILVER (Rs 3.5 crore)
  5. BRONZE (Rs 2.5 crore)

Sponsorship Benefits:
Each of the sponsoring State Governments / Corporate Houses / NGOs will get a series of benefits which will enable them to derive long-lasting value.

The sponsoring State Governments / Corporate Houses / NGOs could not only get back their investments through their sales of the copies of the film both in India and abroad but also reap many intangible gains.

Each of the sponsors depending on the categories will be allowed screen time (involving scrolling of the brands as well as display of shots of their establishments and assets aimed at advertising brand or marketing messages.)

About Geetha Krishna
A. S. Geetha Krishna, an award-winning film director hailing from Andhra Pradesh, is well known both among the discerning audiences as well as masses. He is also an ad film maker.

He owns and manages Blue Fox Cinema (which is a production house for multi-language feature films) and adwinfilm (an advertising agency). He was inspired to do this ambitious mega venture even while he was studying history for his graduation in Madras Christian College, Chennai.

Geetha Krishna's film Kokila was an all-time super hit in Telugu. His other films include Andhra Pradesh State Government's Nandi award-winning Sankeerthana, Keechurallu,Priyathama, Time (bilingual film in Tamil and Telugu) and Server Sundaramgari Abbayi. His most recent film venture is a trilingual: Koffi Bar (Telugu), Koffi Shop (Kannada) andNimidangal (Tamil). The three-language film tackles the theme of cross border terrorism. He has produced brand-building campaigns for Andhra Pradesh Government through many visual media projects.

Contact Details:
Phone: +91 9849255171,9849062184
E-mail: ceo@adwinfilm.com